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Floor Care Services

It is important that you maintain your facility’s cleanliness, especially areas of high foot traffic

These areas are prone to dirt, grit, and germs and have the ability to make your space a lot less presentable and older looking, so it’s important to consider stripping and refinishing.

Our floor cleaning services have a huge emphasis on stripping and refinishing because of this, and we are confident that you’ll see the difference as your floor will look as good as new!

We’ll perform stripping and refinishing and provide a final assessment. We’ll also buff the floor to ensure perfection.

Don’t cut corners, you’ll see the difference with our professional floor care services

Get A Quote

We can create a custom package of cleaning services that can be designed for your needs.


Hire us and we’ll make sure visitors can see the difference. 


Call (732) 338-8001 or fill out our web form to get a quote!

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